Monday, May 11, 2009

Michelle Obama 500-1 Odds On Being Next Supreme Court Justice! Sotomayor Is Favorite; Hillary 100-1

Pick the next Supreme Court Justice and win some cash!, an online gambling site, provides the odds.

Applies to the first nominee chosen by President Obama for Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Others on request.

Dead Heat may apply should there be another position available and the president announces two nominees at the same time.

Sonia Sotomayor 13/8
Diane Pamela Wood 9/4
Elena Kagan 4/1
Kim McLane Wardlaw 9/2
Kathleen Sullivan 8/1
Leah Ward Sears 10/1
Merrick Garland 12/1
Ruben Castillo 14/1
Cass Sunstein 16/1
Deval Patrick 33/1
Harold Hongju Koh 20/1
Janet Napolitano 50/1
Hillary Clinton 100/1
Michelle Obama 500/1

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