Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cop Kicks Suspect's Head, High Fives Fellow Cop After High Speed Chase (Video)

Another disgusting display of police acting out of line. There is no reason for this kind of act.

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Despite lying on the ground with his arms and legs spread, a suspect got a face full of police boot on Wednesday. The kicking cop added insult to injury by giving a post-beating high five. The brutality was the final chapter of a pursuit that began about 1:30 p.m. at an attempted traffic stop in El Monte, Calif. Police tried to stop the motorist for a traffic violation, said California Highway Patrol Officer Jose Nunez.

LOS ANGELES -- Despite lying on the ground with his arms and legs spread, a suspect -- who police say is a known gang member -- got a face full of police boot on Wednesday.

The kicking cop added insult to injury by giving a post-beating high five.

"I'm looking into it, and I don't have all the facts yet," said El Monte Police Chief Tom Armstrong, who watched the video in a KNBC-TV newsvan.

"I worked internal affairs for four years and I have learned that you do not make a decision in a vacuum," Armstrong said. "I do not know what was in the mind of that officer, as to why he did that. I saw the individual turn his head toward the officer."

As for the officer with a flashlight seen striking the suspect in the video, Armstrong said, " appears (the suspect) had his arm underneath his body. You cannot see what was in his hand."

"This is going to be looked into, and it should be. ...I'm not here to make a decision or tell you what that officer did was overtly wrong until I know all the facts," Armstrong said.

Lt. Chuck Carlson of the El Monte Police Department said the department's Internal Affairs Unit will investigate to see if excessive force was used.

"There were some phone calls from some citizens. One of the news copters had video they thought showed excessive force," Carlson said.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the driver was identified as 23-year-old Richard Rodriguez of El Monte.

The Police Chief responds:

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  1. This is cops out of control. The suspect did not deserve the kick to the head and shoulder nor did he deserve the hash treatment of being place under arrest. Yes he committed a crime. But he did or was giving up. This cop should be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My personal opinion and observation. Now to be fair ad balance the suspect did put the public at risk and he to should be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law. The court is to provide the punishment not these obove the law cops.

  2. Sorry, he was being pulled over for a traffic violation, and instead led police on a high speed chase, was a gang member and flashing gang signs out his window, could have killed people in the road, and tried to run from police after crashing his car, as well as having violated his parole from prior offenses.

    Flat out, I don't care a rats ass what happens to him. He's a scum bag and should have been shot rather than kicked.

  3. regardless who he is, those actions were unacceptable of a police officer. His job is to serve and protect the public, kicking a criminal in the face didn't do either.

  4. A lot worse things happen in jail. Yet we pick on this cop. Do not break the law and you do not have to worry about this. End of story.

  5. Ahhh... But there's the problem. If we let things like this happen to even the worst criminals, how long before it happens to the average citizen (or has it). The only thing this does is serve to create more unrest between law enforcement and the general population. The cops should not act like the criminals and need to represent themselves as the good guys. Kicking some one in the head is not what the good guys do.

  6. Oh wah wah of course everyone feel sorry for the poor criminal who endangered countless lives of the public and the officers during the persuit. The driver who I'm sure was a upstanding law abiding citizen while he throws drugs and gang signs out the window doesnt deserve this wah wah. Just out of curiousity I wonder what would have been said if this idiot hit and killed someone or one of the officers would have been hurt or killed, I'm betting this wouldnt have been reported or if so would have been a short 5 second clip. ONLY IN AMERICA does a criminal treated like a victim, makes me sick

  7. is what you are all forgetting is now the criminal will be getting a cash settlement because of this stupid cop. all he had to do was stand there and cover him with gun until the other cops handcuff him. he was in the prone position which is what ever cop us taxpayers will be making a thug rich so you can thank the cop.