Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shepard Smith Goes Off The Deep End: "We Are America! We Do Not Fucking Torture!" (Video)

UPDATE: Welcome Daily Kos and other Leftwing moonbats to Conservatism in action! I didn't realize that saying "uh-oh" made me an unhappy "winger"? But thank you! Stay a while; you might learn something about politics.

P.S. Your Chosen One is radical, arrogant, dishonest and dangerous. And to that end, I say "Uh-O(bama)"! Read below the videos about why we do not "legally" need to treat the terrorists as POWs.

Uh-oh... Shep went there!

UPDATE: And then there's this bit from Shep.

Mr. Obama is setting a dangerous tone with respect to terrorists. By treating them as standard Prisoners of War, protected by The Army Field Manual, his naivete on foreign policy and homeland security are frightening. The manual explicitly prohibits threats, coercion, physical abuse and waterboarding.

Mr. Obama had this to say about using the Manual, The Associated Press reports.

"We believe that the Army Field Manual reflects the best judgment of our military, that we can abide by a rule that says we don't torture, but that we can still effectively obtain the intelligence that we need," Obama said. He said his action reflects an understanding that "we are willing to observe core standards of conduct, not just when it's easy, but also when it's hard."

An excerpt from the text of Obama's Executive Order Regarding Interrogation.

By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, in order to improve the effectiveness of human intelligence gathering, to promote the safe, lawful, and humane treatment of individuals in United States custody and of United States personnel who are detained in armed conflicts, to ensure compliance with the treaty obligations of the United States, including the Geneva Conventions, and to take care that the laws of the United States are faithfully executed, I hereby order as follows:

Section 1. Revocation. Executive Order 13440 of July 20, 2007, is revoked. All executive directives, orders, and regulations inconsistent with this order, including but not limited to those issued to or by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from September 11, 2001, to January 20, 2009, concerning detention or the interrogation of detained individuals, are revoked to the extent of their inconsistency with this order. Heads of departments and agencies shall take all necessary steps to ensure that all directives, orders, and regulations of their respective departments or agencies are consistent with this order. Upon request, the Attorney General shall provide guidance about which directives, orders, and regulations are inconsistent with this order.

Executive Order 13440 was signed by President Bush July 20th, 2007. It stated that that members of al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated forces are unlawful enemy combatants who are not entitled to the protections that the Third Geneva Convention provides to prisoners of war.

The Third Geneva Convention provides protection for prisoners of war assuming they meet the following criteria

4.1.2 Members of other militias and members of other volunteer corps,
including those of organized resistance movements, provided that they fulfill all of the following conditions

that of being commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;

that of having a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance (there are limited exceptions to this among countries who observe the 1977 Protocol I);

that of carrying arms openly;

that of conducting their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.

It is our belief that President Bush was correct. Members of terrorist organizations DO NOT meet the above criteria and therefore President Obama is incorrect in his belief that the Geneva Conventions and The Army Field Manual apply to enemy combatants.

Further, terrorists are not covered by The Fourth Geneva Convention which applies to treatment of civilians.

Essentially, no court, domestic or international has yet to provide a final ruling defining any "intermediary" between a formal army, militia or organized force (which GCIII protects) and non-combatant civilians (protected by GCIV).

Article 51.3 of the Commentary states this: IV Geneva Convention also covers this interpretation: "Civilians shall enjoy the protection afforded by this section, unless and for such time as they take a direct part in hostilities.". In the words of the International Committee of the Red Cross. or ICRC "If civilians directly engage in hostilities, they are considered "unlawful" or "unprivileged" combatants or belligerents (the treaties of humanitarian law do not expressly contain these terms). They may be prosecuted under the domestic law of the detaining state for such action. Both lawful and unlawful combatants may be interned in wartime, may be interrogated and may be prosecuted for war crimes.

So it appears there is a distinct lack of a true definition of how a terrorist, or "enemy combatant" in the international community. If anything, IV Geneva Convention affirms interrogation tactics used on the Guantanamo detainees.
The War of Terror is a unique circumstance in world history. President Bush may have erred, but he acted on behalf of protecting America and American citizens.

Mr. Obama is erring on the side of protecting the terrorists and worried about his and the United States' "Image" around the world. Pretty narcissistic, don't you think?

Mr. Obama is worried about being popular more than doing what it right.
We are sorry Mr. Obama, but America and Americans are more important than how we look to outsiders.

"The time has come to set aside childish things", Mr. Obama. You want to hang out with the popular kids in the world, putting the so-called "world opinion" above American safety? Now that is truly childish.

With all due respect, THAT is the fundamental difference between Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush.

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  1. To the owner of this blog: Just wanted to let you know all of the previous comments were made by one person who is rather nuts, to put it mildly, and seems to find it fun posing as other people and arguing with herself on other people's blogs.

  2. Good job, Shep! Glad to see at least one person on that channel can still claim to be a human being and have a soul.

  3. Shepard Smith is the only person in your entire organization that has a brain

    If you support torture, you eat shit

  4. You're right... "uh-oh" isn't really much of an unhappy winger comment so the dkos link seems a bit unfair. But then you went a bit off the rails with your silly update, so...

    The fact is that the "chosen one" was chosen by a healthy majority and is vastly superior to YOUR chosen one, who damn near ruined this country in eight very short years. Interestingly, the left has been far more objective of Obama's performance to date than the right ever was about Bush (except for that immigration thing with the scary brown people and such -- oogedyboogedy!!).

    And you call us moonbats? Heh, indeedy.

  5. rhonda litrell says: you fucking left wing conservative radical repulican far right moronic gay deomocrats all need to get laid. and once you do, could someone please help me get some?

  6. I'm begining to like Shepard Smith more and more. He's so craz-aye.

  7. florence says: i work for my brother. war, torture! i luv it, the news is broing if no one dying. i hate obama

  8. Shep Smith:

    Arrogant; NO
    Dishonest; NO
    Traiterous; NO

    Sexy: ..................


  9. Well it looks like the liberal trolls are out in full force tonight. Guess DKos and ThinkCongress let them out of the loony pen for ten minutes.

    Of course, one of them says that Shepard Smith is "sexy". Riiiiight. For sexy, take a peek at Glenn Beck. Swoon!

    - Millie from Florida

  10. Learn something about politics from the people who got smashed in the last two elections. Okay.

  11. Awww. Poor conservatives.

    Go have a tea party.

  12. i think the worse problem is the jews being allowed american rights just like white people, also spanish and "dark skin/hair" people having rights that are equivalent to or even in some cases better than american rights.

  13. WingnutHunter4/23/2009 1:34 AM

    The Bush history revision campaign is taking on lots of water this week.

    Selling "We did not torture" is becoming a very tough slog.
    I wonder if Bush's library will have an "advanced interrogation" room to put a happy face spin on his crimes?

    The Wingnuts can't win elections anymore so they've resorted to doing what they do best - throwing tantrums like a petulant child.

    The Rethugs are stuck exactly where they should be right now - deep in the minority with not much in the way of good idea's on how to get out.

  14. As long as Little Dick Cheney is willing to talk about his torture program under oath, without immunity, I'm totally down with him lying about it now.

    I'm guessing it won't be much longer before the Goons at Fixed News (Bill-O, Seanie boy and Glenn ButtHead) demand that Shep be fired

  15. Fox news is just a bunch of morons playing a game...

    the rules are:
    -If you yell louder you are, therefore, smarter.
    -If you make things up...EXTRA POINTS!

    yep, that's all.

  16. Alright, Shep. Hop off that train and tell people about it. Who ordered the torturing*?

    *In this statement, torture is defined by those standards set forth by the Geneva Convention.

  17. God bless you Shep. We are America. And we do not fucking torture. *In this statement, torture is defined by those standards set forth by the Geneva Convention.

  18. Ronda says: i agree wit Florence. whats the fucking point of wathcing the news if no one is dying or get tortured? i fucking hate the screwed up liberals alwasy wanting to end the war and if the ecomomy get fixecd fox wont need shep to yap all day no more. Torture, war, recession!!! I love it and i love sheps violet ties, GO SHEp!!!!! I need a good fuck right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Make fun of DailyKos all you want but at least the comments page doesn't play out like a buncha damn kids.

  20. Shep's right and you know what that means.

    Cheney, Rice and others are going to jail. Ultimately this will not be political. The country won't stand for it.

    Is it a tough decision about whether or not to torture someone who you are pretty sure has information the nation needs? Sure. But, it is the wrong decision.

  21. Twist and Shout4/23/2009 8:42 AM

    1st of all torture is illegal. Would I use it if there was a ticking bomb and I needed the subject to reveal where it was? A resounding NO! Because it doesn't work in real life! It only works on TV!!!!!

  22. Twist and Shout4/23/2009 8:44 AM

    UPDATE: Welcome Daily Kos Moonbats to Conservatism in action! I didn't realize that saying "uh-oh" made me an unhappy "winger"? But thank you! Stay a while; you might learn something about politics.------------

    Name me two pieces of legislation over the past 100 years from Republicans that have benefitted the average man.

  23. Average people from Dailykos are smarter than writers of this blog.

  24. If we don't have to classified detainees as POW can we please get rid of the ridiculous "War on Terror" classification?

  25. Shep Smith needs to get fired. He is a traitor of the Conservative Right. Is America not safer because of these so called "torture" techniques?

  26. No Anon-A-hole, America is NOT SAFER

    The Conservatard Right is not Right.

  27. "The Third Geneva Convention provides protection for prisoners of war assuming they meet the following criteria..." is false. The entirety of article 4 is dedicated to defining the concept of a PoW, and 4.1.2 is just one set of criteria.

    One of those categories is simply: "Members of the armed forces of a Party to the conflict, as well as members of militias or volunteer corps forming part of such armed forces."

  28. Shepard Smith is a grandstanding A-Hole! I saw his slobbering during Katrina. He's just so sympathetic, that's because he's for the common man, Right! People such as he don't know where to hang their hats. Should I be right? Should I be left? I guess I'll stay in the middle, that way I won't be controversial. One thing though, he can act mad at the drop of a hat!!!

  29. bingo!!! shep is playing both ends cause he think that way everyne will like him. insted everyone hate him. xcept me, cause I want to roll in his hay and fuck his brain out and dress him in violet ties, love ronda

  30. Why does the conservative right only feel that the Geneva convention applies to everyone but us?? Right on Shep!! I knew I liked you for a reason. For all those who think waterboarding is not torture, I challenge you to be waterboarded. Then after that, come back here, and tell me it's not torture.

  31. "Should any American soldier be so base and infamous to injure any such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and to their country."

    Gen. George Washington, 1775

  32. The question of "enhanced interrogation methods" is not just a test of political idealogy. Ir is a question of what you believe America should and should not do to preserve the vlaues that define us as a country. Once you begin to allow it where does it stop? Orifessional interogators say that it does not help get more information.
    CIA and FBI professionals do not approve of these practices and say that other methods yield verifable results.

  33. Colonel Mustard called, he says Get A Clue.

    Documents and agreements like those of the Army Field Manual and the Geneva Convention are CODIFICATIONS of standards of DECENCY, not obstacles to be circumvented. Saying, "Aha, we found a reason they don't apply," is beyond disingenuous. Stupid right wing ideologue. Why don't you go to the ethics store and buy yourself some common decency?