Friday, April 24, 2009

ConservativeXpress Officially Under Attack From The Leftwing Freaks!

Bark At The Moonbats!

First it was the Daily Ko(ok)s, then Huffington Post, then Wonkette and now some ridiculous immature, amateurish "blog" known as Shorts and Pants.

This is some priceless stuff. Thank you for your attack; we feel like we have officially arrived in the blogosphere! We are looking forward to years of antagonizing and re-educating misguided Liberals.

On occasion, this website aims to destroy the will of other websites, because it is America. Some Blog called ConservativeExpress has been chosen for our little war, as many of you and the folks at Wonkette have seen the opportunity for battle. So let’s have fun with these bastards, shall we?

Childish rantings on this post.

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  2. Meh. Feed them to the Chans.

  3. Anonymous, this site is for civil and intelligent discourse, not your crazed rants. Please, keep up with thoughtful level of comments here, like "get the F*ck out of my country!" and "Keith, you are officially "The Worst Person In The World" you piece of crap; you pile of refuse, you vile, putrid pig!" The purpose of this site is to advocate war crimes and oppose charitable donations to veterans, not to mouth-rape liberal bloggers.

  4. The previous comments reveal why "Lib" and "tard" go together so well.

    Name-calling, potty-mouth, schoolyard taunts is about the highest level of discourse in which these pathetic brats can engaage.

    I would be happy to let them live out their miserable lives with no interference, if only they would leave me alone to live in peace.

    I would even be willing to use tax dollars to buy them crack and heroin and pot, if they would just go away and get high.

    But no.

    Not only are they foulmouthed spoiled brats, they must also be busybodies, telling me what I can and cannot say, telling me how I must educate my children, telling me how I must spend my own money, earned by my own hard work.

    Go away. Go get stoned. Go have as much perverse and promiscuous sex as you can legally obtain.

    Just leave us alone.

  5. Liberals are just mad because they've finally realized that conservatives don't need them but that liberals do need conservatives. Without conservatives making money they wouldn't have anyone to tax and therefore wouldn't have any money to spend on their disgusting pet projects.

    That's why they all crapped themselves over Texas leaving the union. They knew other states would follow and that all the people who actually work and make money would move to those states leaving them to support and live with the degenerates of society.

  6. This just proves my point that liberals are the most hateful, intolerant people in the world today. They believe in free speech, but only as long as you agree with them. I'm glad I'm not one, as they all sound miserable.

  7. This is so true! The liberals are absolutely feckless without us! Who would buy all their crap and who would pay their precious taxes? How would they fund their re-"education" projects were it not for our lottery tickets? They have no base of reality. They think that mankind is basically good and can be trusted. I'm just surprised that they think they are so good. It's funny, my old high-school football coach used to tell this story about an old mayor friend of his whose father owned slaves. He said that they were well-treated, happy and fit. They made lots of babies and also made his farm profitible. They ended up leaving in 1865, but my coach's point is that people love each other more than we think. Liberals need to understand how much we Conservatives truly love people. We loved our slaves and still do. The liberals just need to realize, truly realize, that the civil rights era is over. We got equalities and now the pendulum is swinging back against people without color. They need to Wake Up!

  8. How far up your asshole did Coach Pedobear get?

  9. Don't these socialists realize that Bush kept us safe from terrorist attacks, earthquakes and asteroid strikes??? We'll keep listening to Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck--they're the epitome of REAL Americans!
    Beware of the Lizard People!

  10. When they post with terms like "lulz" and "meh" you know you are dealing with some serious trolls of "teh interwebs." They know all the latest 4chan lingo! Watch out admin, these are some serious progressive warriors that have you in their sights!


  12. The conservative xpress is moving rather slowly. Check the polls, genius. Obama is insanely popular, while conservatives can't find their ass nor their elbow. You can call us every name in the book and talk about how we need you, or we're afraid of you, or we're libtards, whatever. Keep it coming. The far right has taken over your party and if you think they have a chance in 2010 and 2012 then by all means keep dreaming. But while you're doing it keep your eye on the polls. Around 70% approval rating for Obama. Except I'm sure you think the polls are just socialist tools lying to you. Whatever. You guys are funny in your desperation. You have no ideas, no leader, no power. We point and laugh at you. The conservative xpress is going backwards. Dig up Reagan, maybe that'll help.

  13. Billybobgraham4/25/2009 5:41 PM

    Ozzy Osbourne is satanic music. I cannot take you seriously as conservatives.

    Also, the words you use here can corrupt our children and could be accessed from school.

    I will add this to sites I monitor and our church blacklists unless you denounce your hatred of God

  14. Right away you can tell the Left has invaded because of the sexual degrading of themselves. Penis gazing has replaced navel gazing. What progress the mental cases of society havce made!

  15. Left wing pervets unite!!!!