Friday, April 24, 2009

Young Jersey Pitching Sensation Dunks "Fox & Friends" Host Brian Kilmeade (Video)

Kilmeade is the token village idiot on Fox News. He's so dumb, it's endearing.

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  1. Bill ORielly is more of an idiot than Brian

  2. Foxs news people are human.

  3. Have you all seen the documentary called "outfoxed"?

  4. "token village idiot"

    You use these words. I don't think they mean what you think they mean. A token on FOX would be a person of color or an opponent to war crimes, like Shepard Smith. A token idiot on FOX would be like a token right-wing nut on FOX, a contradiction in terms.

    Also, when is Hannity going to do something similar and get waterboarded for the troops? Come on, put up or shut up, you pussy! If you can handle all that teabagging, you can handle being tortured for a little while.