Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video Shows Less Friendly Exchange Between Obama and Chavez (Video)

Jake Tapper reports:

Regardless of GOP criticism of President Obama for his smiling appearance with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan state television -- "Venezolana de Television" -- has video of some more private moments between Presidents Obama and Chavez after the Summit of the Americas' closing ceremony.

It's unclear what they were talking about, but certainly the body language reflects a sterner President Obama than the grip-and-grin before the cameras.

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  1. There is no "grip and grin" in this video, but there is a lot of back patting, and head nodding. I sure could not see a "sterner" 0bama.

  2. Anonymous I agree with you, I see an apologetic Obama "well my new friend, maybe Bush smelled a sulfur like in the Oval Office but you should try to be a little more diplomatic my friend" thing going on...

  3. Do you people realize they could have had private discussion where they were not caught on camera. We have the largest Army in the world. Obama keeps his guns in his back pocket, but if anyone fucks with him he comes out guns blazing (Just like he figuratively did to John McCain)