Thursday, April 23, 2009

Megan McCain: "Cheney You Had 8 Yrs Now Go Away" (Video)

Megan appeared today on "The View".

Megan, your father lost to a radical fascist socialist with a narcissistic God complex, why don't you both go away.

Cheney was a 10 term Congressman, Defense Secretary and a Vice President. So with all due respect, Megan; "Shut Up"!

When James Carville is defending Cheney's right to speak, you know Megan is a moron.

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1 comment:

  1. Little "Spoiled Brats" should be seen and not heard. Her last great tragedy was a broken fingernail! Why doesn't her father go away, he did more damage to the Republican party then anyone else! How did he steal the nomination anyway? I think he was in the tank for Obama from the start. I think that was the worst campaign I have ever seen in my life and I saw many. He was weak and feeble and still is! I can't wait until Obama is run out of office with the rest of the Commies! McCain should be run out with them, to think, Barry Goldwater represented the great state of Arizona, how did they elect this fumbling buffoon? The real hero of the Hanoi Hilton was; Admiral James Stockdale, he never broke! Never forget the: Kennedy-McCain immagration bill.