Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sean Hannity Says He Would Agree To Be Waterboarded For Charity! (Video)

Sean Hannity told Charles Grodin he would agree to be waterboarded for charity!

You're a Great American, Sean!

Here is the full interview with Grodin. Great exchanges between the two. Grodin is a Lib, but he's a likeable Lib and a great actor!

The Best Of..."Midnight Run"

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  1. i want someone to take him up on this. Show what a jerk he is to think this is not torture. I will take him up on this if no one will. I think also Keith Olbermann will also.

  2. Oh, this is backfiring big time for Reichmarshal Olbermann.

    All the Democrats at work are talking about what a horse's ass he is.

    Hard to take the moral high ground on "torture" when you're licking your chops over torturing someone else.

    But then, all Democrats are HYPOCRITES.

  3. I was looking for the video where Mr. Hannity says he will take Mr. Olbermann up on his offer.. What? There is none?

    Talk about hypocrisy, Mr. Hannity is the one who is saying it is not torture! That is it just a little discomfort. If he fails to follow through on his offer, then he is the hypocrite!

    How can he refuse to be "uncomfortable" if it will result in thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of dollars for the families of our soldiers?

    Based on what he said about waterboarding I must assume that he will last for hours.. maybe days.. and at $1,000 per second that will result in a VERY large donation.

  4. Hannity vs the trainers from the SERE program?
    SERE trainers will have him trigger the safety words in seconds!

    Waterboarding is only a euphemism.
    Sounds kinda like a sport. Like skaeboarding or surfboarding.
    However, the traditional name for it is "the drowning torture".

    It's been used by the Nazis and the Communist Chinese and the Japanese Army and the Khmer Rouge etc.
    It's torture.
    In WW2, we executed war criminals who used the drowning torture on our people.
    When a American soldier did it in Vietnam, they courtmartialed that animal for disgracing his country and threw away the key. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Funny how times change.

    Hannity doesn't have the guts to sumbit himself to the drowning torture at the hands of the professionals at the SERE.

    Christopher Hitchins, on the other hand does have the guts.
    Here's what happened to him...
    (Check out the video that goes with it)

  5. Waterboarding is torture? Are you kidding me??? Getting your head dunked under water for a few seconds or getting water poured into you nose for a little while is torture??? What's torture is hearing you libs whine and cry over successful and needed enhanced interrogation techniques. Get a grip, you lib pantywaists.

    However distasteful you might find waterboarding, I would argue it is a bit more humane than al-Qa'ida's terminal interrogation practice, decapitation.

  6. Waterboarding is torture?Yes, that's why the traditional name for it is "the drowning torture".
    It's a famous torture. Been around for a long time.

    That's why the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazis etc. used it.
    That's why SERE teachers train the good guys to resist it.
    They don't train them to resist frat house hi-jinks. They train them to resist...torture.

    I would argue it is a bit more humane than al-Qa'ida's terminal interrogation practice, decapitation.So your defense is that "Hey, at least we're better that al-Qaida"?
    Maybe America should hold itself to higher standards that that. America should hold the moral high ground becasue that's what previous generations of great Americans fought and died for.
    America is a world apart morally from terrorists. America represents the good guys.
    Just an idea.

  7. ...over successful and needed enhanced interrogation techniques.Think about this for a moment.
    Put your politics aside for a moment and ask yourself how much you seriously know about torture.
    Like you, when I started thinking about the issue of torture, I thought that it was necessary and that it worked.
    I did some research on the history of torture and how the US Army teaches it's professional interrogators.
    I found out a few things.
    First, professional army and air force interrogators do a great job.
    They actually know how to interrogate people. They can actually extract information without torture.
    Training an interrogator takes time and skill. Not all make the grade. Those that do can quote you the Geneva Conventions chapter and verse. They live by those Conventions. That's a good thing. That's something to be proud of.
    Those people are sworn never to disgrace their country by torturing the helpless.
    They did not go to the White House and say "Stop tying our hands behind our backs. Let us torture so we can do a better job".

    They didn't say that. They didn't want that.
    In fact, when you listen to the testimony of the professional interrogatators, they are unanimous in their condemnation of the use of torture or anything like torture.

    Taking the SERE Program and then "reverse engineering" it to create a secret torture program was not the idea of the SERE trainers.
    It was the politicians and the lawyers.
    Nobody bothered to ask "Hey, do you people need this? Do you people want it? Do you think it will help protect America?"

    Have you watched a single TV interview with a SERE trainer that says SERE techniques are a cool way to interrogate the bad guys?
    They are all horrified by the idea.
    Have you seen any interviews or read any testimony where the professional army/airforce interrogators say that the "new, improved interrogation techniques" were exactly what they needed.
    They are disgusted that their profession and their reputation has been dishonoured in such a fashion.
    For example...
    (Youtube video)5:32
    "SERE program used as guide for torture"
    (Youtube video)3:52
    "Former Interrogator on Torture Memos"

    Watching episodes of "24" seduces ordinary people into thinking that torture works. Can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs, right?
    Shoot the guy in the leg, he tells you where the bomb is save Washington D.C.
    The real world is different.

    The professionals all say the same thing.
    Torture does not work.
    Torture is wrong.
    Torture is Unamerican.

    Please watch this video. It explains why interrogators don't torture. It also explains how public perception and attitudes to torture have been warped by Hollywood and scenes from TV.
    I've said my peace. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Please remember the past and help keep the good guys on the right track.
    (Youtube video)8:45
    How Hollywood Gets It Wrong on Torture and Interrogation: P1