Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama Briefed On Swine Flu; Insert Your Own "Pork" Joke Here (Video)

The White House is being briefed on the Swine Flu outbreak. President Obama and dozens of staffers were in Mexico last week prior to the Summit of the Americas.

The Swine Flu started in Mexico. Obama has a certain affinity for "pork". Coincidence? Hmmm...

I think we all suffer from "Pig Flu" here in America; ask Tea Party Goers who protested against massive government spending. Remember the Porkulus?

Have Obama's pigs have come home to roost?

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  1. I've heard from a few different sources that there would be no vaccination for such a rare virus as the Swine Flu, I hope this isn't the case

  2. why did the mexican sneeze on his girlfriend?

    Tequila !!!!

  3. yea..this is just a bullcrap hoax to try to thwart the upcoming GIANT teaparty were going to have on July 4th,if you dont want people to attend what better scare tactic to use,next obama will ban outdoor get togethers.

  4. Even though there is no clear indication that the current human cases with swine influenza infection are related to recent or ongoing influenza-like disease events in pigs, it would be advisable to minimize contact with sick pigs and report such animals to relevant animal health authorities.
    Most people are infected through prolonged, close contact with infected pigs. Good hygiene practices are essential in all contact with animals and are especially important during slaughter and post-slaughter handling to prevent exposure to disease agents. Sick animals or animals that died from disease should not be undergoing slaughtering procedures. Follow further advice from relevant national authorities.

    You can get a complete Swine Flu guide at