Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beck, Fox & Friends Interview Tea Party Goer Who Stood Up to CNN Reporter (Video)

Today on Glenn Beck, Kathy Barkulius was on to tell Glenn about her interaction with that CNN "reporter" Susan Roesgen.

In addition to appearing on Beck, Barkulius appeared on Fox & Friends this morning, and got to get into more detail with Gretchen Carlson.

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  1. Good piece I caught too this afternoon, although she seemed a little puzzled by Beck's clowning around possibly not knowing his schtick per se...

  2. With the way republicans are bahaving, It seems to me that they are hoping and praying for a terrorist attack to happen really soon. And dare I say, they might even be planning one.

  3. Now that's a rich statement. Look at the way you and your fellow liberals are acting.

    America is getting less safe the longer this administration is in office. If a terrorist attack happens... it will be directly related to the lack of action on the part of our POTUS....

  4. I should also add.. this administration and democrat majority are a joke. It is just a bunch of inexperienced fools and good ol' boy liberals. They are very close to doing something that is blatantly unconstitutional, if they haven't already.

  5. Sorry. Back to the original subject. The CNN reporter was on the attack. She wanted to show up one of the TEA party goers. It did not work out and she resorted to the liberal method of trying to misdirect attention away from her and her lame actions. I have not watched CNN since the early 1990's.
    CNN is on the way down the tube.

  6. Rich -- typical left wing extremist response to anything good that happens in America. Change the topic and go on the attack about some political hot button lie that you just pulled out of your butt. You did very good at reading Alinksy.