Monday, April 20, 2009

Pat Buchanan On Obama/Chavez: "[Obama] is not a leader... [he] virtually grovelled to these characters!" (Video)

Chrissy Matthews asks who was the better leader in the Western Hemisphere, Bush or Obama.

"I think Bush and Cheney would have done a far better job of defending their country," says Pat Buchanan.

"This guy [Obama] is not a leader. This guy went down there and virtually grovelled to these characters," he adds.

"This big fat guy was trying to shake his hand because he was the most popular guy in the room. Chavez was like a kid in bobby socks coming up to him. Where's the grovelling?" asked Matthews with a tingle.

Chrissy! Take it easy, man! We all know about your man crush and your Obamagasms, but please! This "character" is a radical communist dictator who hates America!

And so does Hugo Chavez!

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1 comment:

  1. Obama is a clear and present danger to America, and should be dealt with before the situation becomes irreversible. Legally if possible. But dealt with.