Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MIss California On "Hannity" (Video)

Miss California and Miss USA runner up Carrie Prejean appeared last night on "Hannity" to discuss same-sex marriage and the fallout from Perez Hilton's vicious misogynistic attacks.

Again, are any "women's rights" groups jumping to Ms. Prejean's rescue?

Why? Because they are not interested in women's rights, they are solely interested in being sycophantic subservients to the radical Left wing Socialist Marxist Totalitarian agenda being forced down America's collective throats.

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  1. What a mature and beautiful woman, inside and out. She will come out ahead from this experience. The Miss USA contest officials are a true disgrace to the nation. Only stupid, fearful,robotic people would be willing to trade in their own mind and will for the cloak of political correctness.

  2. She's not a political leader or something. What a immature JUDGE!!!! Who thought he can even Judge a bunch of girls? He should have been on a MINSTER AMERICA or something ,..since he's so interested in Gay marriages.

  3. Hilton is a faggot thug. She should have reminded him that the majority of Californians agreed with her based on how they voted.

  4. I thought Hilton was supposed to be an open minded liberal? So much for that.
    Great job Miss California!!!!