Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama: Holder Will Decide Whether To Prosecute Bush Officials (Video)

Didn't he say a few months ago that he wouldn't prosecute Bush officials? Oh that's right, he's a liar.

Fox News reported today that MoveOn.org is putting together a petition to send to Holder asking for prosecution.

President Obama likes to claim the proverbial buck stops with him.

However, how can the buck stop with him if he keeps passing the buck onto members of his administration?

In his short Presidency, he has done this several times with various administration officials and members of Congress (i.e. allowing Nancy Pelosi to write the "stimulus" bill).

He continues to vote "present" on sensitive issues and it's getting really old.

Take a stand, Mr. President, please. Show some leadership for a "change".

Keep in mind, yesterday the CIA released the names of Gitmo detainees who have been waterboarded.

I guess we saw this coming for months, but now it's official.

Remember, Eric "Pro-Terror" Holder said terrorists could soon be your neighbor.

What purpose does any of this serve anyone?

The only people it helps are the terrorists! Whether or not Bush Administration officials are prosecuted, the damage is already done!

Our national security has been breached by our own President. Our counter-terror tactics have been released for the whole world to see.

Thanks a lot, Barry! You moron!

Once again, Obama proves he is arrogant, radical, dishonest and dangerous for America.

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