Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fox News' Steve Harrigan, Christopher Hitchens Of Vanity Fair Get Waterboarded (Video)

Sean Hannity recently told actor Charles Grodin that he would accept an offer to be waterboarded for charity.

Keith Olbermann challenged Hannity's sincerity by saying he would contribute $1000/second to charity.

It remains to be seen what Hannity decides, but last summer, Vanity Fair's Christopher Hitchens agreed to undergo waterboarding.

Having never been waterboarded, I'll refrain from commenting on Hitchens' reaction, but his experience look pretty tame and mild compared to Fox News' Steve Harrigan's waterboarding demo seen here. Harrigan endures for worse tactics, yet unlike Hitchens, Harrigan believes it is not torture but merely an "efficient" way of getting someone to talk. Maybe Hitchens is just a liberal light weight and Harrigan is tougher. I don't know, just saying.

Read Hitchens' article "Believe Me, It’s Torture":

What more can be added to the debate over U.S. interrogation methods, and whether waterboarding is torture? Try firsthand experience. The author undergoes the controversial drowning technique, at the hands of men who once trained American soldiers to resist—not inflict—it.

In light of recently released memos by the Obama Administration, I post this simply to allow readers to judge for themselves if this constitutes "torture".

Personally, I don't care if it is or isn't; I would rip the fingernails out of terror suspects if it meant protecting my family. To me, the safety and security of America outweighs our worldwide "public image".

But that's just me being a callous right-wing extremist, I guess. So be it.

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  1. I think Harrigan is a tougher guy! Don't hear him complaining about "nightmares"! I agree - as another "right-wing extremist" - that if waterboarding is what it takes to get a terrorist to talk to save innocent American lives...go for it! There's no permanent Harrigan says, it's more of a fear thing than a pain thing.


  2. Are you stupid? Did you not notice the difference between the 2 videos? The fox news one was lame. Chris Hitchens could not breathe at all, there was no wiggle room, and there was water sipping into his lungs. He was basically unconscious when they stopped. You have to be an idiot not to notice the difference. The fox news one was just like dancing around in the shower.