Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama Hypocrisy 2.0:: "We Don't Like Meddling In the Private Sector" (Video)

During his staged speech in front of drooling media sycophants, aka press conference, President Obama was asked about his involvement in rescuing the auto industry and he responded: "We Don't Like Meddling In the Private Sector".

He also says he doesn't want to grow government!

Hahahahahahaha! Wow, what a jokester! Seriously, who does he thing he's kidding?

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  1. If you would like to be taken seriously, it might be worth taking the emotion out of your comments. Or perhaps you just want to vent. Whatever. I'd just like to point out that America voted for President Obama, and installed the Democrats in with a large majority. So be careful with your venting, or we might think you hate America, in direct contraction to your "Dedicated to America" banner. Or did you mean "Dedicated to the minority right-wing in America". Inquiring minds want to know....

  2. Excuse me, Mr. Anonymous...if that's your real name...but I love America more than you radical liberal socialists can possibly understand.

    Yes, America elected Barack Obama in what will most likely turn out to be the biggest mistake in American history.

    I love my country and that is the very reason why I did not vote for Barack Obama.

    And you socialists might want to "be careful with your venting or we might think you hate America."

    We already know Barack Obama hates America.

    But I'm willing to give the rest of you a fair chance to recognize your mistake.

    Question my ideology, question my opinion, question my quality; but don't you dare question my patriotism.

    Hugs and kisses,

    The ConservativeXpress

  3. First, what makes you think I am a "Mr". And what makes you think I am a socialist? You might like to think through the reasons for your preconceptions.

    Clearly, it is not allegiance to this country that you have, but allegiance to a political party. That is not patriotism, however much you want to pretend otherwise.

    So I do indeed question your patriotism - which you confuse with your politics. Unthinking, unquestioning allegiance to a political ideology is incredibly dangerous.

    And frankly, hugs and kisses do not make up for the contempt of your reply. Radical socialist liberal indeed. You might like to look up those terms before you label other people. Assuming you actually know how to do any research beyond listening to Rush and watching Fox