Thursday, April 30, 2009

Olbermann Slams Rep. Virginia Foxx Over Her Insensitive Matthew Shepard Comments (Video)

For once, I actually agree with Olbermann. Rep. Foxx should indeed apologize.

Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten, tortured and murdered in Wyoming. His story is portrayed in the play and film "The Laramie Project".

Personally, I disagree with "hate crime" legislation because all crime can be considered "hateful". Does it really matter why someone is murdered? Murder is by definition a "hate crime". Is there really any need to complicate the laws?

That said, Rep. Foxx's comments are truly "despicable", insensitive and shameful.

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  1. The reason hate crimes are so awful is that they are designed to terrorize a whole class of people.

  2. Not the first time Foxxy put her foot in her

    Jeff in Newport, Rhode Island