Thursday, April 30, 2009

Keith Olbermann Blasts Miss California Carrie Prejean Over Her "Boob Job" (Video)

Miss California Carrie Prejean continues to be attacked by the Alinsky-inspired MSM for daring to have Christian values and not support the extreme same-sex marriage Left Wing agenda.

Anyone know of any women's rights groups defending this woman yet? Nope? Didn't think so. The character assassination is becoming Palin-esque.

The liberal media hypocrisy grows every day. The woman was asked a question and she gave an honest answer from the heart and soul. Why won't they leave her alone?

I have infinitely more respect for Miss Prejean than I have for Olbermann, Perez Hilton or any other Left Winger criticizing someone with spiritual conviction.

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  1. Olbermann is so classless he defies definition.

  2. Olbermann - the ill-will I wish for this man is beyond words.

  3. Why can't she answer the question?

  4. I am so disgusted by these PIGS! Where are the women's movements groups - this is an outrage! Why can't she have her own opinion - damn liberals - what are they doing to this country!
    Kick that piece of crap to the curb - Obama believes what she says!

  5. Olbermann keeps topping himself as one giant turd.

  6. I think that's it great that Americans are able to chose one or another. We live in land where you can chose real boobs or fake boobs and you know what, in my country and in my family, I think that I believe that boobs should be between a woman and her pageant. No offense to anyone out there but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be between a woman and her pageant.

  7. He sucked on sports and he sucks as a liberal commentator. How many people watch your show loser? Morons, "we couldn't impeach Bush for international war crimes." Because he didn't commit any, congress voted for the authorization to declare war. Liberal media drones.

  8. Goes to show how these far-to-the-left morons have such a low IQ like Keith Olbermann and Michael Musto who are among those who do not have any brains and pretend to possess humor, which real humor does not exist in the liberal world. They don't realize how stupid and idiotic they sound when it will finally backfire on them and their leftist cronies one day when the public will come to their senses and turn against them.

  9. This is my prediction: "Miss California is going to come out with a sex tape or is going to turn out to be a lesbian or both"

  10. Who cares about any of you or Olbermann, or some blond?

  11. Holy crap. And Don Imus LOST HIS JOB??? What the...?

  12. Amazing. Only leftards can get away with such unveiled stupidity. Olbie brings in some flamboyant homosexual from the Village Voice for a discussion on Miss California's mainstream view on homosexual marriage and false breasts.

  13. Her boob job beats his D!ck job... he would blow Obama if given the chance.

    Hey Olbermanic, I will track your gay a$$ down and make you a b!tch.

  14. Hey Perez... stick your d!ck in a blender...instead of some dude.

  15. Amanda Linnea5/10/2009 2:03 PM

    Hello dear ConservitaveXpress reader!
    Concerning many of the comments you have posted:
    Ooooh yeah, they are all CRAZY COMMIES, indeed, (and probably want to eat your children) and they don't have brains nor do they have humour, oh my god, because YOU, dear reader, are all obviously such a GREAT specimen of humankind in terms of Kindness, Intelligence and so forth, (and with great, great arguments AND a great sense of humour) so, please. PLEASE, do not post Anything with remote substance instead of shit throwing. Not needed.

    More important than my irritation above: I too disagree with the awful “character assassination” which is talked about here, but what I really don't get is what the fuck some of you guys are doing?? With comments like these:
    "stick your d!ck [sic!] in a blender instead of some dude" yeah because dudes who are fucking dudes are scary and um really Concerns You, brave Anonymous? Btw -- it's spelled DICK. (Gee, a no-no-word.) Impressive how you can not spell out that NASTY WORD but feel Totally comfortable with suggesting that a fellow man should tear him self to shreds.
    And what about another comment by Anonymous (might be the same? or hey… seems like a trend, not saying who you are when being hateful against other people?) This displays an obvious gay contempt (heterosexist): "Her boob job beats his D!ck job... he would blow Obama if given the chance" and then continues to say "Hey Olbermanic, I will track your gay a$$ down and make you a b!tch" hum... you will what? Rape him? Another man? Err. Yeah. Is anyone else here seeing the... oh never mind.
    AND Actually Regarding The Issue: it's a disgrace how the American media, Both the left and the rightwing media, tends to spin everything in its favour, not caring who they screw over in the process. Even though I don't agree with Miss Prejeans thoughts on the marriage matter and even though I think this boob job story is quite sad, I do not believe in being disrespectful towards her. (That goes for the "lefties" attacking her too.) Regarding the breast implants, I can't say it better than “It shows that pageants aren't about highlighting women as they are or for their talents,” but only “to make spectacle of a specific type of femininity.” Yeah. Sad.

    And oh.
    "Anyone know of any women's rights groups defending this woman yet? Nope? Didn't think so."
    So you don’t? No? Didn’t think so. Well here’s one:

  16. Amanda slow down. You're citing one post, one moron. And I appreciate your "defense" of Miss Prejean and already gave you credit for it.

    However, your Left wing Liberal media over at City Paper is becoming more lucid each day.

    Thanks for reading and keep up the good work. The ConservativeXpress encourages difference of opinion as long as it does not get too personal or too nasty.

    Keep it real!