Thursday, April 30, 2009

Olbermann Still Waiting For Hannity Response: "Sean Hannity Waterboarding Challenge Day 8" (Video)

I really hope Sean goes through with this. He can get advice from fellow Fox News employee Steve Harrigan or Vanity Fair's Chris Hitchens.

I'm sure waterboarding sucks, but how can Hannity let Olbermann get the satisfaction of "winning"!

Even better; Sean should challenge Olbermann back and say forget the cash, how about they both undergo waterboarding and compare notes.

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  1. Olbermann is a mentally sick man. Pity him.

  2. Olbermann is twisting this into something for his own pleasure. We'll see if he opens his wallet as easily as he opens his mouth.


  3. I'll take an American waterboarding if Olberman will take a muslim beheading. Ok, maybe thats too harsh...

    I'll take an American waterboarding if Olberman will take a muslim beating, and then be tied to a bridge and be burned to death.

    No, thats too harsh as well.

    Hows this: I'll take an American waterboarding if Olberman will then jump out of the 89th floor of a burning building set on fire by his jihadi buddies.

    That seems fair to me.

  4. I'm sure this will just get deleted by the editor, but hopefully someone will read it.

    If you bother to actually watch the piece that Olbermann made on this issue, without the conservative filter being applied, you will see that Olbermann is very very serious. He doesn't think Torture (and it IS torture) should ever be used. The entire "offer" is supposed to benifit our troops and our nation by either showing that Waterboarding IS torture or by giving Sean Hannity the credit of dispoiling it as a Liberal talking point once and for all.

    Hannity was flippant about it and is just eating his words for being ignorantly callous. He'll never take Olbermann up on this offer; he will continue brainwashing the rest of you; and the rest of us that actually stand here aghast at your terrifying indifference to American toture tactics will try our best to forge a new sense of decency in our foreign relations.

  5. Sean Hannity is a loud-mouthed coward if he doesn't fullfil his promise and get waterboarded for charity. Fuck Olbermann, this is about Hannity.

  6. Sean Hannity is a loud-mouthed coward if he doesn't get waterboarded for charity as he promised. Waterboarding is torture and i will not wish it on anyone, but if you think waterboarding is not that bad you need to try it

  7. Hey Hannity, if waterboarding isn't torture, and it isn't that bad, go ahead and take Olbermann up on his offer! You just LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE the troops so much, remember? What's the big deal about taking a little water in the face if it will benefit your precious troops? Right?

  8. Pick on Hannity if you will, but please have at least a little respect for our men and women in the armed forces. They are fighting for the right for you to be able to have a voice. In an Islamic State, you would not have any of these freedoms.

    Freedom is not free, and never will be. If you want your freedom a heavy price will always have to be paid. Maybe some people should live for an extended period without the freedoms we have in the US so they can have a renewed appreciation of this great blessing.

  9. In an Islamic State we would not even have the privilege of waterboarding, this is true, but we do not live in this type society. We achieved security of our person by respect for individual human rights and the rule of law. Torture didn't arise yesterday, our laws against torture go back hundreds of years all the way to the abuses of the English monarchy. The founding fathers knew what we will have to repeat all over again and that is people are fearful creatures that will act irrationally and cruelly when threatened. The belief in the rule of law can turn back the pitchforks and torches.

  10. These last comments are ridiculous. In an Islamic State murdering innocent women and children is ok...waterboarding IS OK along with many othe horrible acts like burning people alive and much more! The previous comments about our freedom said nothing about waterboarding. They were only about the price of freedom. In an Islamic State, women are treated about as low as dogs. And what about the couple that was shot dead in the street because they were accused of adultery? Waterboarding may or may not be the effective answer in acquiring information in the hopes of preventing more acts of terrorism. What the person mentioning 'fearful creatures that will act irrationally and cruelly when threatened' is this; If your wife and or daughter were killed in an act of terrorism, what would you do to try and prevent another act of terrorism happening against your brother or neighbor? I'm not saying waterboarding is good or bad, I just feel we all need to look at the big picture. We have enemies who want America to be matter how that happens!

  11. Hannity is acting like a coward. He should take the challenge, tell us what it's like to be waterboarded, and make Olbermann pay. Pretty simple. Hannity looks like a hypocrite every day he avoids the issue.

  12. Hannity is a chickenhawk. Olbermann is at least a man of his word. I seen him write personal checks to charity.
    Just like Iraq. Hannity insists we should have went to war and stayed there until the job was finished, ( as long as his kid didn't have to go )

  13. Issue is not about our troops or if waterboard is torture or not. It is about a loud mouth conservative telling his sheep that waterboarding is not that bad.
    Well, now is the time to see the integrity of Sean Hannity.

  14. The reason why it doesnt make sense for everyone to say "I'd like to see Olbermann get waterboarded..blah blah blah..."
    is because Olbermann is against torture..and admits its torture.
    Sean Hannity is trivializing this whole thing, which is why Olbermann is trying to get Hannity to wake up.