Thursday, April 30, 2009

WARNING: Graphic Videos Of Deadly Queensday Parade Car Crash In Holland (Video)

I have posted this separately from my previous post on this subject due to its graphic nature. After watching these, I cannot understand how this can be considered anything but terrorism.

This disgusts me. I want this perpetrator prosecuted to the fullest extent of Dutch Law; whatever that may be.

I read earlier that the maximum penalty for this crime is 30 years in prison. That does not seem harsh enough to me.

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  1. Such a stupid thing.

    it was supposed to be a fun filled public holiday, but turned out to be a disaster and a day that shall not be forgotten.

    RIP those killed in the incident.

  2. its sad when such a wonderful event can turn deadly and make you think where is it really safe now??????

  3. I don't know why these accidents are happening. If they drived carefully i hope it might not happen.
    Most of the accidents are happening due to OVERSPEED. Life is in our hands.

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  4. What was supposed to be a fun day for everyone turned out to be a horrifying one that should always be remembered. If you are a victim of these accidents, seek help from a San Diego Auto Accident Attorney.