Friday, May 1, 2009

President Obama's "Sorry, My Bad" Moment Prior To National Anthem! (Video)

President Obama's "My Bad" moment at swearing in ceremony for naturalized citizens who had served in the military to attain citizenship.

He tells the audience "please be seated" prior to a PA announcer telling the crowd to remain standing for the National Anthem!

What a goofball! What kind of President simultaneously insults our National Anthem and uses the phrase "My bad"?

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  1. Guess he was too far away from the teleprompter...

  2. Non Conservative ( I.E. I have a brain)5/01/2009 4:41 PM

    To answer your dumbass question..... A cool one...

  3. He was just doing what the telepromter told him to do

  4. Whats with you idiots and this teleprompter fascination. He only uses his teleprompter when he is giving prepared speeches which he mostly writes by himself with his speech writer Jon Favreau. Go to the white house website. There are pictures to prove this

  5. Coolest and down to earth President! you go, Obama!