Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's Enchanted, Surprised, Troubled, Humbled Question During Press Conference (Video)

What the hell kind of questions are these? Odd that Fox News' Major Garrett, despite sitting in the front row, was not allowed to ask a question.

13 questions in 60 minutes. Wow. How informative. The only thing worse then the questions were the rambling answers!

I'm so glad I didn't watch this crap live. Enchanted? What is this, Cinderella? Harry Potter?

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  1. HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still laughing at you losers!!!! Sucks to be you!

  2. Hey Anonymous, how about this? How about instead of insulting people you try responding to the writer's actual point.

    What enchants you about being president?
    What kind of softball question was that?

    I don't want a president who's enchanted. I want one who's engaged.

  3. you said it well David

  4. Worst question in the history of press conferences.

    Except maybe when the 17 year old girl asked Clinton the famous boxers or briefs question.


  5. Guess what... you lost! HA! So suck it for the next 4, well...we know it's gonna be 8 years. I laugh at your hilarity, LOSER! Its makes you so mad, but you're just gonna have to deal.

    Oh, by the way, you lost! by a freaking ton, and your party is in shambles. Bitching about the incredibly effective president makes you a pissy loser. The more you try the more you look like an ass, loser. So please keep it up! It gives us something to organize against lest we become content in our victory. We could not have done it without your failures and f ups and PALIN! So thanks!


    All Dems (the Winers!!!)

  6. President Obama will be traveling to Denmark to lobby on behalf of Chicago, his hometown, for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He will be the first American president in modern times to pitch for a city at the International Olympic Committee meeting. By the mere fact that he is making an appearance in Copenhagen, some speculate that Obama has already sealed the deal for the Windy City. Nine months after his ascension to the White House, President Obama is still an international phenomenon and quite possibly the greatest marketing tool of all time.

  7. Rebeca: You got the "greatest tool" part correct.