Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sellout: Specter Saw His Internal Poll Numbers On Friday, Switched Parties On Tuesday (Video)

In doing so, he has officially sold his soul for political gain. This switch has nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with maintaining his seat in the Senate. Specter has placed self-preservation and political expediency above the good of the Country and the will of the people of Pennsylvania. Specter is currently trailing in Republican primary polls in PA and most pundits agree he would have lost next year's Senate primary to Rep. Pat Toomey.

Term limits anyone?

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  1. Mr. Specter didn't change parties to help Pennsylvania as much as he did it to help himself. 30 years is way to long for anyone to be in office. This guy should be the poster child for term limits.

  2. It's completely insulting to ANY intelligent being that this wrinkled old douchebag Arlen Specter is only doing this for himself and has nothing to do with the good of anything or anybody but Arlen Specter ...... just another prime example of WHAT'S REALLY WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY AND IT'S POLITICS !!!!!!

  3. Come on. The thoroughly informed electorate of the state kept electing him, he's what they deserve. They are no better than the corrupt citizens of Illinois who keep electing mobsters from Chicago into all levels of government. Do people seriously think obama is untainted after 20 years in chicago politics? - please spare me the sincere disbelief! You elected him, he's yours. The electorate is filth - remove him and prove otherwise.

  4. The Americans are finally getting what they deserve, uncontrolled socialism. Welcome to our world of 43% tax brackets and a health care system that is so dysfunctional that you have to wait 3 to 6 months for chemotherapy or 24 months for a hip replacement. You loudmouths deserve the Arlen Specters and the Nancy Pelosis. Welcome to the Soviet and Socialist Republic of the United States. Arlen Specter, Rev. Wright and Obama.... what a team!! Best wishes from the great liberal north.