Saturday, March 28, 2009

VIDEO: O'Reilly Blasts Organizer Of Rally Supporting Oakland Cop Killer

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and Bakari Olatunji discuss a rally held this week supporting cop killer Lovelle Mixon. Footage from the rally is below.

Mixon shot and killed four Oakland police officers last week.

Olatunji, who organized the protest, believes the cop killer was a victim of a racist society. He is the head of a radical group called International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

Another disgusting display of hatred and racism from the ones who claim to be the victims.

Idiots like this do nothing to curb racism in America; they incite prejudice.

From the group's website:

InPDUM is a grassroots organization, led by the black working-class community. It was founded in 1991 in Chicago by the African People's Socialist Party.

InPDUM membership is open to anyone united with democracy for the African community and that self-determination is the highest expression of democracy.

InPDUM is a courageous organization that stands as a beacon to people everywhere who are used to seeing our so-called leaders sell-out to fill their own pockets.

InPDUM is known and respected around the world for demanding reparations to African people for slavery and colonialism, demanding an end to the police containment of our communities, pushing for real economic development instead of more police, protecting the dignity of our children as intelligent, capable and talented human beings, and taking the right stand on many other issues that face the African community, even when it is unpopular to do so.

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