Friday, March 27, 2009

VIDEO: Hannity And Michele Bachmann On Currency, Constitution and Geithner

The up and coming conservative fireball Michele Bachmann appeared tonight on Hannity.

I love this conservative woman!

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Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Mark Levin Discuss President Obama's Meeting With Congress About The Controversial Stimulus Bill

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  1. This woman is an absolute loon.

  2. I think conservatives need to be careful who is out there representing them and how.

    Imagine if McCain had won, and the Republican Party took the Senate and House. How would Conservatives react if the main voices of the left were Keith Olbermann and Al Franken? They would be chortling with glee as there would be no hope of that faction ever taking majority control in their lifetimes.

    The bats***t crazy right represented by Hannity and Limbaugh are entertainers not politicians. Sure, they get good ratings by appealing to the right wing fringe, but continued yelling there isn't going to give conservatives any steps back to power.

    As I've said before, principled opposition is a good thing, and the Democratic Party failed in that goal during the Bush years - the country and Bush would have been better off. But the Hannity/Limbaugh/Beck wing isn't principled opposition, it is about what is good for their ratings, which are two completely different things.