Saturday, March 28, 2009

VIDEO: California Considers Banning Black Cars To Fight Global Warming. Huh?

Okay, now those radical environmentalists are taking this way too far.

Banning black cars? Gimme a freaking break! Who the hell do these people think they are?

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  1. The California Air Resources Board is trying to squash reports that it wants to ban the sale of black cars.

    "I think it's an example of a misperception and misinformation in the blogosphere," said CARB spokesman Stanley Young.

    The state proposed requiring carmakers to use more reflective paint to reduce the load on air conditioners. A report prepared for a public workshop concluded that "jet black remains an issue."

    Young said an automotive blogger mistakenly believed the report's conclusion meant CARB would take steps to ban black paint.

    "Nothing like that was ever in the regulation, but it took on a life of its own," Young said.

    Rush Limbaugh picked up on the blog during his national radio program Thursday. "So buy a black car now because soon they won't be available," Limbaugh advised his audience.

    Young said CARB has shelved its plan to require more reflective paint until manufacturers can find a way to make black paint more reflective.

    In the meantime, the state is moving forward with a proposal to require automotive glass to reflect more of the sun's heating rays.

    Young said the initial target is 30 percent, and ultimately, 40 percent more reflectivity. He said it can be done without changing the appearance of the windows.

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