Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VIDEO: Obama Phones Astronauts Aboard Space Shuttle: "You Guys Still Drink Tang Up There?"

I don't know which is worse; listening to him read from the Teleprompter or listening to him try to make a joke.

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  1. “You Guys Still Drink Tang Up There?”

    We make a product called PRANG(R), ( “Primate rehydration and natural goodness”).

    It is a great seller in the primate research arena. It comes in many flavors. I actually coined the name as a play on TANG(R). TANG(R) was an Orange flavored
    Sugar water. PRANG(R) is used to replace electrolytes in dehydrated primates.

  2. This guy can not even talk on the phone without reading from a cue card.. damm

  3. All the problems in the world and you are concerned about the fact he is a bit less smooth speaking off the cuff than scripted - like, who isn't?

    And you wonder why conservatives are a minority party in this country.

  4. Snarky: With "all the problems in the world" sometimes you just gotta step back and laugh.

    TOTUS really does struggle to tell jokes, though. You gotta admit that!

    That said, you guys had 8 years of "strategery" and "misunderestimation"!

    Let us have some fun!