Thursday, March 26, 2009

VIDEO: Obama Says "No" To Legalizing Marijuana As An Economic Stimulus

Damn. And I was hoping to have something to help get me through the next four years.

More "punch drunk" silliness from Obama on marijuana laws.

Maybe if we legalized pot, Hillary would stop blaming the U.S. for Mexico's drug violence.

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  1. Does this blog think the war on drugs has been a success?

    Even The Economist, hardly a bastion of socialism, has supported legalization. Not that legalization won't create problems, it will, but the current system hardly works either.

    You read you decide

  2. Obviously, the war on drugs has been a total failure.

    I only posted this because I thought that both the question of pot as a stimulus was humorous. And Obama's response was pretty entertaining.

    Does The ConservativeXpress support legalization? We are fiscal conservatives and social libertarians.

    You do the math.