Friday, March 27, 2009

VIDEO: Police Stop NFL Player From Seeing Dying Mother-In-Law at Hospital

This is a disgusting display of Police on a power trip.

Look, I get it. I understand why the officer pulled the car over, but give me a break! The officer could have waited to fill out his paperwork.

This is an outrage and this officer should be fired. Show some compassion, buddy! Remember: "Protect and Serve" not "Harass and Disrespect".

NFL Player Ryan Moats — a running back for the Houston Texans — sped his car toward Baylor Regional Medical Center of Plano. But when the Moats arrived at the emergency room parking lot, they were stopped by Dallas Texas Officer Robert Powell who stopped him from seeing his dying Mother-In-Law, becuase he ran a Red light.

The Dallas Police Chief issued this apology:

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  1. yes indeed the officer should be FIRED!!!!!
    he does not deserve to be a cop, if in a situation like this one,this is how he operates, what the Hell would he do in a more dangerous situation. he has no common sense, he showed thats not the job for him.
    give him his f-----g!! walking papers.

  2. I believe this is a clear case of a power trip. The gentleman clearly stated the level of seriousness in the matter. The more I watched the video from both perspectives the more it became obvious to me that the officer seemed to want to win the battle of "Im an officer of the law and you will listen" I believe the officer believed there was an emergeny but he simply did not care, it was all about him doing his job.