Monday, March 23, 2009

VIDEO: MS NBC Anchor and Obama Slobberer Gets Crushed By Sen. Gregg On His "Bankrupt America" Comment

For the record, I detest this liberal piglet Norah O'Donnell.

Yesterday, Gregg said of Obama's budget plan: "This country will go bankrupt".

Gregg won this debate in a landslide!

Nice try, Norah, trying to defend your Messiah. I particularly like when you referred to Gregg's comments as "alarmist"!

Hey kettle, it's the pot. You're black!

Wake up, Norah! Your Messiah is the Alarmist-In-Chief sweetie!

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  1. Nice work. This guy is one sharp guy. The interviewer sounded like exactly what she was: uneducated.

  2. Yes, and thank god he withdrew his nomination to work for Obama.

    I give him a lot of credit for realizing Obama is absolutely nuts and not selling out.

    Obama's election is a dangerous prospect, but if anything good came out of it, the conservative fire has been lit!

  3. I loved when he said "your Democratic friend" as he explained in a cogent and understandable way the facts. Can anyone EVER remember Nora grilling a Democrat (when they were in the minority) with a "letter" from a Republican so that she could play "gottcha" with the Democrat? Never...yet Judd was excellent!!!