Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VIDEO: The Bachmann Effect, Rep. Michele Bachmann Grills Geithner On The Constitution And His Banking Plan

Rep. Michele Bachmann is an up and coming GOP superstar!

I love this woman. What a shining star for the future of the GOP.

VIDEO 1: She rips Geithner a new one!

VIDEO 2: Highlights everything from her grilling today of Tim Geithner over the constitutionality of his banking plan to debating border security during her campaign to blasting James Carville for his character assasination of Sarah Palin.

Visit her blog at Town Hall.com

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  1. If you think this Constitutionally clueless congresswoman is the future of the GOP, you've got many years in the minority ahead of you. "Shining star?" More like a black hole.

  2. henry butler3/25/2009 12:57 AM

    we would not know the level of education reached by mr. hayduke, but it is readily apparent that this women is quite capable of asking intelligent questions to the point that she stirred up that old queen barney frank who cares nothing about getting the truth from treasury or the fed. i am impressed, but hey, i am only a libertarian, not a democratic imbecile.

  3. Mountain Man3/25/2009 1:14 AM

    Alright, Mr. Hayduke, exactly how is she "Constitutionally clueless"?

    Precise answers, please. Should you respond in generalities, you'll be thoroughly exposed as a Democratic imbecile, as Mr. Butler alleges.

    That's if you should have the 'nads to respond.


  4. The Moonbat Hunter3/28/2009 12:30 PM

    "TurboTax" Tim Geithner got what was coming to him, AND THEN SOME. Don't sweat the far left catterwalling. Liberal moonbats HATE facts and love to rant. Oh, don't forget to SMILE at them, too. (Even when they're verbally chopping you off at the ankles.)

    Kindness kills in their world.