Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Texas Gov. Perry to Obama: Keep Your Hands Off My State (video)

Texas Gov. Perry Defies Obama & Reaffirms State of Texas Sovereignty Under 10 Amendment. "Let Texas decide what's best for Texas," he says.

The "Lone Star" in a sea of Totalitarianism. Thank you Gov. Perry for standing up for individual and state rights! Bravo; you are a Conservative hero.

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  1. Texas should drop out of the Union. Avoid high taxes, debt, socialism, communism, inept leadership, leadership from Kenyan born president, president that goes around apologizing for USA, inexperienced/inept/Chicago politician experimenting with USA economy.

    Its only "fair"...

  2. I sure wish Florida would follow suit.

  3. It's nice to know that the state I live in still respects the Constitution and is willing to stand up for it.

  4. Rick Perry should accept those benefits, he'll need them after the next election. Unemployment doesn't care how you identify yourself politically. He just denied those benefits to lots of people who probably voted for him in the last election. I live in Texas and between this and the mandatory HPV vaccinations, he's guaranteeing himself a re-election loss.