Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Conservative" Actor Gore Vidal and Bill Maher Blast Sarah Palin, Blast Conservatism (Video)

Maher strayed away from his usual format and interviewed Ron Howard and Gore Vidal rather than having a panel on. Here's a segment of the Vidal interview where Maher asked him what he thought of the conservative movement today and President Obama.

"I think of myself as a conservative. Admittedly, I can read The New York Times without moving my lips, which is a sign of communism," Vidal says.

Maher asks what Vidal thinks of Sarah Palin

"I don't think about it at all. And I get no impression that she's thinking either."

On Obama: "I like him...I feel sorry for him."

On Conservatives: "They are a minority party, except they're not even a party, they're a mindset. They don't like this, they don't that. It could be sex, it could be race, it could be religion. They're just filled with dislike. They have no chance of getting anywhere unless they get attached to another movie star."

Doesn't quite sound like a conservative to me! And we all know what an ass Maher is.

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  1. Like it or not, he's the canary in the coal mine.

  2. I am a conservative but I will never vote for Sarah Palin. She is George W Bush without the gene that makes him hesitate every once in a while.

  3. Anonymous at 12:37 is a fucking liar.

    As for the video, what a crock of shit.

  4. What do you expect from any show on which Bill Maher is on? Maher is a a$$hole, and just about everyone I've seen him talk to is just like him. I voted for Palin in 2008, and I'll do it again if she runs in 2012.

  5. She is showing her true psychopathic nature by the day. From her press spokeswomen.

    "It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well-being of the child."

    Think about that for a second. Sarah Palin released a statement to the nation accusing the father of her grandbaby of not caring about the well-being of his child. How will Tripp feel the day he learns his grandmother publicly attacked his father? This is family, for goodness' sake. What won't Palin do to anyone getting in the way of her political ambition? If the 18-year old father of her grandchild isn't off-limits, nobody is.

    The governor ends her attack on Levi by saying, "Bristol realizes now that she made a mistake in her relationship and is the one taking responsibility for their actions."

    There you go, Tripp. Your grandmother wants the world to know your mother considers your father a big mistake. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


  6. Gore said our constitutional rights have been being slowly taken way from us over the last eight years. I have ping ponged between the two parties because they have been whittelling away at my constitutional rights for well over 25 years. When will America realize that we started Our Country because government was over involved to begin with.

  7. I take it that you're joking refering to Gore Vidal as an actor? I knew conservatives tend to wear their ignorance on their sleeves, but, politics aside, to be completely oblivious to one of the major figures of American letters in the postwar years is a little embarassing. W.

  8. Good God, Seriously? Gore Vidal an actor??? Please tell me that was some kind of joke. Nice, one of the greatest writing intellects ever.

  9. Let's just say that what Vidal means by conservative (a philosophical tradition) and what ConservativeXpress means by conservative (a recent catch-all for the religious right, corporate capitalist, and free-market capitalist--positions that are at times incompatible leading to arguments about who is a real "conservative")have nothing in common. Vidal is being tounge-in-cheek by claiming to be "conservative." He knows that common usage of that term has lost its connection to the classical tradition and that his usage of the term will agitate so-called "conservatives." From this blog post, it is clear that he has achieved his ends (and displayed for all your ignorance of who Vidal is, how he functions, and the tradition of philosophical conservativism).