Monday, April 13, 2009

Crisis Resolved, Obama Finally Speaks Publicly About Piracy (Video)

President Barack Obama has made his first public comments about the piracy standoff off the Horn of Africa.

Tough talk; we'll see if it's followed with tough action.

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  1. "We hill halt the rise of PRIVACY"

    Paging Dr Freud.

  2. While I've no love for Somalia and its pirates, I think overly focussing on this territory takes us away from the main game with is extracating ourselves from Bush's Iraq Cluster***K and solving the main game which is Afganistan and tribal controlled Pakistan.

    The region where Afghanistan and Pakistan are located is extremely nuke heavy. India, Pakistan, and China are confirmed nuclear states. Iran is under international scrutiny for its nuclear program, plus the former Soviet republics to the north may still contain nuclear material. Destabilization in this region runs the risk of nuclear material getting into the hands of people we would prefer did not have access to this material. Piracy in Africa, while technically equivalent to terrorism, does not pose the same kind of threat and thus requires a different scale of response.