Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somali Pirates Defy Obama: Attacks, Hijackings Continue (Video)

Somali pirates have vowed revenge against America for the actions taken to rescue American hero Captain Richard Phillips.

Maybe they're upset over Obama trying to take away their "privacy"!

Fox News reported today that four more ships have been hijacked today, taking over 60 hostages.

From The Australian:

A Somali pirate chief threatened to target Americans in revenge for the rescue that killed three pirates under his command.

"The American liars have killed our friends after they agreed to free the hostage without ransom, but I tell you this matter will lead to retaliation and we will hunt down particularly American citizens travelling our waters," Abdi Garad told AFP.

"It is never the end of the world and we will intensify our attacks, even reaching very far away from Somalia waters, and next time we get American citizens I wish they will expect no mercy from us."

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