Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hilarious! Barack Hussein Obama "You're An Asshole Tonight" (Video)


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  1. this is hilarious, US must have the first clown president, congress, administration

  2. OMG!!! My ribs are hurting. Great video and sooooooo true!

  3. U.S. government study of the image refresh Obama. Lie face. Big boss is then moderated Americas, not democracy. People's knowledge and ideology has taken hold, the people like sheep. Privileged, first-class citizens, ha ha .. First-quality sheep, cows fed the U.S. public domain. His big head and white socks for her husband to the American puppet. America or the big disaster that will bring toys ermeni is confidential.

    We are a democratic country, we see images that do not eat, I ate my oba t ..