Monday, April 13, 2009

Rachel Maddow & The Ron Paul "Teabaggers" (Video)

More "Pick the target, personalize it, polarize it" Alinsky-esque attacks from MS NBC.

When did the Tea Parties become about "taxes" and not about reckless government spending.

And seriously... have any of you heard anyone use the phrase "tea bagging" used to describe the Tea Parties outside of MS NBC?

More fifth grade toilet humor from Maddow.

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  1. I haven't exactly led a sheltered life, but good grief, "tea bagging?" Is everything a synonym for oral sex for these people?

    Or is it simply that the Party of The Full Lewinsky has never matured beyond some sort of infantile oral fixation, so that's all they can think about?

  2. I want to teabag Racheal Maddow for being a media tool..

  3. Who was the idiot who started applying the word "teas-bagging" to these events?

  4. Yes, who did start using the word?