Thursday, January 8, 2009

Palin is Brilliant. Palin Slams Katie Couric. Palin Slams Tina Fey. Palin Slams Liberal Media. Palin Defends Daughter. Palin Defends Her Family.

I saw Sarah today! And she was glorious! Sarah Palin sticks it to the leftist liberal communist media. Well done, Sarah. A must watch for any conservative or any American interested in media bias.

Sarah Palin is the brightest, sharpest conservative woman alive. Well done, Sarah! Show that Liberal Left Wing Media who is boss. We are so proud of Governor Palin.

Please visit Well done.

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  1. Constructive criticism - you are starting to veer to into parody-land on this post. (I do grant that she probably has a legitimate argument when it comes to coverage of her kids - that should be off limits)

  2. Always seeking constructive criticism, thank you! Disagreement on the issues is welcome here, encouraged in fact. Civilized, intelligent dialogue is a lesson both sides of our government can learn.

    But what do you mean by parody-land? She was treated unfairly by the media and Tina Fey's impersonation, albeit humorous satire, BECAME America's view of Gov. Palin.

    The media did nothing responsible during last year's campaigns. The Left Wing media's clear bias towards Obama and unfounded, unnecessary personal attacks on Gov. Palin were disgusting.

    All we're saying here is that it's nice to see the Governor have a chance to respond to her critics and she did just that in an intelligent, thoughful and FAIR manner that her media critics did not afford her.

    No one is saying Gov. Palin is the smartest politicain out there, but she is far more skilled at her craft than many of our elected officials.

  3. What, exactly, was unfair about the treatment of her in the media - that she was paradied by Tina Fey? As they say if you can't stand the heat...

    Opinions may be liberal or conservative, but facts are not. There is nothing "unfair" about investigating the record of someone who is a virtual unknown to the nation,who would have been VP to a cancer-survivor who would be oldest President elected, and comparing their public statements to the facts of what actually happened.

    Finally if there was an 'unfair' image built, it would be her responsibility to set the record straight which I can see little evidence that she tried to do (admittedly that may say more about McCain's handlers than her and may not have been her decision).For example do you know how many press conferences she held - none! Why didn't she ever once address one of obvious lies she told (as one example 'thanks but no thanks' for the bridge to nowhere").

    Like the old "Paul Masson will sell no wine before its time", I think McCain probably plucked her before her time. She could have had I think a better future, with a lot more prepartion. Imagine if she were to be elected Senator in 2010, get on Foreign Affairs panel then be a credible candidate in 2016. Someone once said if you combined the DNA of Machievelli, Richilieu and Lincoln, there is no way that person could cram what you need to learn to run for the White House.

    So, if there was 'unfair' treatment, frankly I'd put most of the blame on McCain for they dreadful job managing her.