Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. Burris Goes to Washington: "I Am The Junior Senator From Illinois"

From Fox News:

Illinois U.S. Senate appointee Roland Burris plans to have a high stakes showdown on Capitol Hill this week with Democratic leaders who continue to say he won't be seated in Congress.

Dozens of black leaders and ministers organized by U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush gave Burris a rousing send-off Sunday at New Covenant Church on Chicago's South Side. Burris took the stage to a crescendo of drums, organ music and applause as hundreds of supporters cheered his appointment.

"We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained," Burris said. "I am not hesitating. I am now the junior Senator from the state of Illinois. Some people may want to question that and that is their prerogative."

Rep. Bobby Rush also added his ill-advised race baiting at the Church:

Rush called the Senate the "last bastion of plantation politics." The Chicago Democrat said blacks had been "excluded systematically for too long."

Wasn't Obama's election supposed to end this discussion of race and politics?

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