Friday, January 9, 2009

Ill. Supreme Court Says Burris Does Not Need Sec. of State's Signature To Be Seated/Harry Reid Looks Stupid Again!Blago Rubs His Taint on The Senate

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that Secretary of State Jesse White does not need to certify the appointment of Roland Burris to the US Senate.

Fox News has confirmed.

The Illinois Supreme Court says Secretary of State Jesse White doesn't need to sign Roland Burris' appointment to the U.S. Senate to make it valid.

The ruling says no Illinois official has to do anything further to validate the appointment made by Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Burris was refused President-elect Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat this week in part because Senate Democratic leaders said his paperwork was incomplete without White's signature.

The state Supreme Court says nothing in state law requires White to sign the appointment.

This means that Harry Reid once again looks foolish and now has no grounds whatsoever NOT to seat Burris. Reid has been saying for weeks he would not seat Burris.

We can only hope Reid follows through with seating Al Franken because that would only prove more hypocrisy.

Blago Wins Again! Governor successfully rubs his "taint" on Capitol Hill.

Obama did nothing today except nominate "clearly unqualified" Leon Panetta to head the CIA.

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