Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Joe Biden Sounds Off Again. Says "We're at War" with Economy!

From Politico:

Vice-president-elect Joe Biden likened the country’s economic crisis to the attacks of 9/11 Monday in a private meeting on Capitol Hill.“We’re at war,” Biden told congressional leaders of both parties during their sit-down with Barack Obama in the Capitol, according to two sources familiar with the exchange.

A little harsh, no?

In a different post, Poltico adds this about the Vice President-Elect of foot-in-mouth disease:

Joe Biden hasn’t said much in public since the election, but one of Washington’s most prolific talkers is back – and making news whenever he speaks.

In fewer than five minutes on Tuesday, Biden criticized his own incoming Obama administration and disclosed information his aides have kept secret for security reasons.

And on Monday, Biden declared, “We’re at war!” and compared the economic turmoil to 9/11. Team Obama kept Biden under wraps immediately after the election, but with his Senate swearing-in and upcoming Iraq trip, he’s back in front of the microphones.

Chatting with reporters after he was sworn in for a seventh term in the Senate, Biden called it “a mistake” that the Obama transition selected Leon Panetta as CIA director without consulting the Senate intelligence committee.

"I'm still a Senate man and I always think this way. I think it's always good to talk to the requisite members of Congress," Biden said. “I think it was just a mistake."

Biden then went on to reveal the key stops on his upcoming overseas trip with a Senate delegation – without even being asked. “This will be my God-knows-how-many trips, I guess my 10th or 11th trip into Iraq and I don’t know how many times in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Biden told reporters who had questioned him about what he expects to accomplish on his South Asia trip.

Just yesterday Biden’s Senate office took care to conceal these destinations, declaring in news release announcing his travels: “For security reasons, details of the delegation's itinerary will be released as the trip progresses.”

Barack sure knows how to pick 'em! At least Biden will help the Administration with its promise of "transparency".

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