Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ooopsy!...Funds Connect Obama With Richardson Pay-to-Play Scandal!

ABC News is reporting that Barack Obama has financial ties to David Rubin, a central figure in the Bill Richardson "pay-to-play" scandal which forced him to withdraw himself from consideration for Commerce Secretary.

President-elect Barack Obama took big money from a man at the center of a federal probe that has forced one of Obama's top Cabinet picks to withdraw.

Financial records show the Obama campaign got more than $30,000 from California financier David Rubin, the target of an investigation into donations and possible "pay-to-play" deals involving New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Obama's pick for commerce secretary.

In late September, Rubin attended an exclusive Los Angeles fundraiser for Obama, held at the Beverly Hills' Greystone Mansion. Attendees gave tens of thousands of dollars which the campaign split between its own coffers, the Democratic National Committee and state-level campaign groups supporting Obama and Democratic candidates. The technique helps campaigns take in from individuals far more than the $2,300 maximum they are allowed to give to a single campaign fund.

Yawn! Why are we not surprised?

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