Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Liberals, Happy New Year Conservatives

Merry Christmas to all! "...with the chang(e)ing, there's nothing to lose."

Nothing To Lose

As organized drumbeats

the seasons comes playing

with all the colors

so fervently swaying.

The season awakens

with texture and feel

such as the colors

that seem so surreal.

In organized fashion

the winter winds blow

the leaves off the trees

with colorful flow.

The rhythms are playing

as an orchestra tuned

to the Fall colors swaying

what my eyes consumed.

All the tasty morsels

of each color seen

are better than any

I've had in a dream.

I can feel the winter winds

now in a rhyme

speaking so fluently

of its own time.

Soon snow will follow

and cover this view

which now this moment

is yellow to blue.

As organized drumbeats

the seasons will prove

that with the changing

there's nothing to lose.

Courtesy of
Copyright Bill Pearce.

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