Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blago: "Wrong Place, Wrong Planet" If I Did Anything Wrong

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is back at it!

In an interview with Chicago TV station WLS-TV, Blago the Barbarian states that if he did anything that would be considered an impeachable offense, then he must be living on the "wrong planet" and in the "wrong place."

Blago continues to defy US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and everyone from the Illinois State House to The White House.

And all this as Blago's attorney Ed Genson has asked the Illinois Congress' impeachment committee to subpoena the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret and Jesse Jackson, Jr -- all mentioned in the Federal Complaint against Blago.

The Governor added it "was all about trying to end up with the right decision that could do the most things for the people of Illinois."

Corruption, bribery, pay-to-play -- sounds like a lot of Illinois people were to benefit from Blago's actions, specifically him and his wife and his close aides.

And the President-Elect is golfing in Hawaii!

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