Sunday, December 21, 2008

Barney Frank Not Pleased With Obama's Choice of Rick Warren reports that Rep Barney "Bailout" Frank is unhappy with Barack Obama's decision to invite Pastor Rick Warren to next month's inauguration.

Openly gay Frank said on CNN's "Late Edition":

"Mr. Warren compared same-sex couples to incest. I found that deeply offensive and unfair. If he was inviting the Rev. Warren to participate in a forum and to make a speech, that would be a good thing. But being singled out to give the prayer at the inauguration is a high honor. It has traditionally given as a mark of great respect. And, yes, I think it was wrong to single him out for this mark of respect."
Is anyone surprised? Certainly Rep. Frank is entitled to an opinion like every American, but we have already saluted Obama's commitment to his campaign rhetoric of bringing all sides together.

Certainly, as a congressman Frank should understand that concept of compromise mentality, right?

Oh that's right, he's a radical liberal! He only cares about his own agenda!

Check out Politico for more on Gay Leaders upset with Warren selection.

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  1. Frankly (pun intended) my impression of both Warren and Obama goes up this invite. I'd rather see a country where the people who agree on 50% of the issues work on those issues rather than demonize the other for the other 50%.

    I've also read (but can't find link quickly) that Warren is getting as much grief from the radical right as Obama is from the radical left. Again if you ticked off the radical left (eg DailyKos) and the radical right you've probably done the right thing.