Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video Of President Obama's Crowley/Gates Beer Summit (Video)

Well here it is! Yeah! Congrats! President Obama solved all of America's racial conflicts over a beer in The Rose Garden! I'm so glad Joe Biden was there!

Free Beer? Biden will be there!

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1 comment:

  1. It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen - all the cameras clicking away while two men drink beer. You would think it was a negotiation for peace in the Middle East. Instead it was a testimony to the arrogance of Dr Gates and the incompetence of a President who rather than apologize for putting his foot in his mouth tried cover it up by making this incident symbolic solving racial tension, or is it to showcase his own peacemaking skills. I hope this is not a preview of how he is going to handle conflict in the Middle East. "Recalibrate" he said. I am going to start using that when I am caught in a lie. Maybe this neologism should be included in the new edition of Webster's along with the new definition of what "is" is.