Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cambridge Cop Sgt. Crowley Holds Press Conference After "Beer Summit" With Henry Gates, President Obama (Video)

Cheers! (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

Say what you want folks; but this Officer has handled himself with professionalism and dignity throughout this scandal.

Gates and Obama are certainly the ones coming off as "stupid". Hopefully this resolves the incident as I, for one, am pretty sick of hearing about it.

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  1. I wonder--how would the professor have reacted had the officers (who cane to protect HIS home) had been black? And if Gates had been just as rude and arrogant to them, would they have simply taken the abuse and apologized for disturbing him? I know that racism is still rearing its ugly head in the US, but its time to back up, think, and maybe enjoy the progress tat has been made.

  2. Some people want to talk about the “prickliness” of police officers but I think part of the equation may be the “prickliness” of some members of the black community. Many of them still look for any hint of differential treatment and seize on even the slightest of actions. Perhaps if they can move beyond this sensitivity it would shed light on any remaining true disparities that exist