Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Slams Bill Maher Over His America Is "A Stupid Country" (Video)

Bill O'Reilly uses his "Talking Points Memo" to take Bill Maher to task for calling the United States "a stupid country." He closes by suggesting Maher "acted stupidly".

Hey, Bill Maher? I agree with you for this fact -- America elected Barack Obama, so maybe we are a "stupid country"! Screw you for attacking Palin you worthless, talentless hack! What has Bill Maher done with his life vs. Sarah Palin's accomplishments.

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  1. It doesn't make sense to call Sarah Palin dumb.
    She's a poet. Poets aren't dumb!
    Shatner does Palin

    She also doesn't want to waste money on flies.
    Flies? Don't let the government spend your hard-earned money on stooopid flies.
    A Lesson for Sarah Palin on Fruit Fly Research

  2. I have observed that there are only two kinds of people in this country: the apathetic and the ignorant. When I talk politics with just about anyone I know, they prove they know little to nothing about what is going on today. Even less people know much about the history of politics in this country. Whenever I offer facts and reality, they get this offended look on their faces and try to revert to their fiction and fantasies. Perhaps, it is their apathy that makes people ignorant.

    If it is neither apathy or ignorance, it is today's culture of cowardice. The vast majority of people feel helplessly overwhelmed by the political arena, and feel powerless to do anything about big government. Instead they grab a cup of coffee and watch FOX News or listen to conservative talk radio, so that they can feel welcome in a club.

    True activists, such as Tea Party activists, are falsely portrayed for the sake of making the political process even more convenient for Democrats that cannot be bothered by the people. When it comes right down to it, carrying a sign and protesting just doesn't work with tyrants.

    Tyrants historically all make the same mistake by taking their authority for granted, and pushing the people more and more until finally the people have no other recourse than to take action. The election of a liberal President was what caused people to finally react, and hopefully that will lead to the next great conservative Presidency in 2012.