Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jim Harper of The Cato Institute Discusses the "Cyber Czar" on FBN with Neil Cavuto (Video)

See! It's not just me who is paranoid! Jim Harper says Cyber Czar can be the internet's "Big Brother".

President Barack Obama says the nation for too long has failed to adequately protect the security of its computer networks, and he will name a new cyber czar to take on the job.

Anyone else think this is simply a disguise to allow Team O to police the Internet? Cyber-censorship, cyber-Brown Shirts patrol?

Call me paranoid, but this sounds suspicious. Don't we already have the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Department of Homeland Security to handle all this? No, we need another czar because Rahmbo and the Arrogant One need to have a White House staffer involved in everything; total control.

Here's the link to the White House report "Cyberspace Policy Review".

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