Wednesday, June 3, 2009

British Minister Calls For Investigation Into ITV's Treatment Of Susan Boyle

See! And I was scoffed for blaming the media and society for Susan Boyle's meltdown!

The Times Online reports:

Ofcom should investigate ITV's treatment of Susan Boyle, the Culture Secretary said today.

Andy Burnham queried whether the broadcaster and the producers of Britain's Got Talent had exercised their duty of care towards the singer and said that the broadcasting watchdog should establish the facts.

Boyle was taken to the Priory in North London on Sunday after losing in the final of the ITV talent show.

Her treatment is being paid for by Simon Cowell, the pop impresario and show panellist, and TalkbackThames, which described her as “exhausted and emotionally drained”.

Mr Burnham said: "I think there should be a process of discussion with the broadcaster concerned. Let's get the facts.

"I don't know enough about whether the duty of care was exercised in this case."

Mr Burnham added that he believed that duty of care should also apply off camera because of the intense media exposure shows like Britain's Got Talent can generate.

"We are living in a world where it is not just about what happens on telly on a Saturday night. There is 360 degree scrutiny, 365 days a year," he said. "We need to look after people, not just around the camera. Broadcasters should always put people's welfare first."

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