Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David Shuster Calls Out Karl Rove: "Your Pants Are On Fire In A Big Way" (Video)

King Obama Slobberer Shuster once again lets us know whose side he is on -- still nothing fair or balanced over at MS NBC.

Yo Dave, it was a slight gaffe:

Sotomayor can be tough on lawyers, according to those interviewed. "She is a terror on the bench." "She is very outspoken." "She can be difficult." "She is temperamental and excitable. She seems angry." "She is overly aggressive --not very judicial. She does not have a very good temperament." "She abuses lawyers." "She really lacks judicial temperament. She behaves in an out of control manner. She makes inappropriate outbursts." "She is nasty to lawyers. She doesn't understand their role in the system --as adversaries who have to argue one side or the other. She will attack lawyers for making an argument she does not like."

Where were you when Obama and Biden misspeak? Or this? Olbermann Falsely Compares Sotomayor's Remarks to Alito's

Here is the full interview with Greta:

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